This is Me!

I was born in Venezuela but spent my early years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I lived between Venezuela and the USA ever since. Today I am based in New York City, but I looooves Baton Rouge! Yeah Tigers!  


Before I had the courage to not care what my mother said, I got a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from Pace University in New York. I worked in sales and marketing for many years, the most important job was at Microsoft for a little over 11 years. What a great place to learn and contribute.


Even though my interest in art began in my childhood when I was in every play, show, event of any sort doing acting, singing, playing the guitar, and so on, it was only recently when acting became my full time career. Like I said I was not so brave back then. Not for this anyhow ;) 

I began my acting training in Venezuela and also trained in Los Angeles and New York City,  I graduated

recently from Stella Adler Studio of Acting, a very fun and great school to go to, specially for theater.  I was always the oldest in my class in age but not in spirit and I loved it!


I have worked in several films in Venezuela including the award winning international film "The Zero Hour" (LA HORA CERO) a movie that broke record sales in Venezuela when it was released.  I have worked in over 25 films (short films, features,  and TV shows) and many commercials and plays since graduating recently.

I am passionate about the human spirit and began to work on a productio/shown which will focus on helping women live more fulfilled lives. I call it ACT FEMININE. In case you are wondering it is not about faking, it is about BEING. To ACT means to take action, to DO, to behave in the way specified. Women in my opinion need to contact again with their feminine side. Learn more about it in ACT FEMININE!

Photograph credit: Oliver Krisch