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my vision is to...

Create A Movement Where Women And Men

                Collaborate, Cooperate And Co-Create

Their Shared World Together!



upon a time   ...

... In a not too far planet and not too long ago, I was living the corporate empowered life any woman can dream of. I also had the marriage, the daughters, and the house. What else could a woman want? Oh, I forgot and I also had the friends. Thank God.

However, I was stressed, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. A very bad combination when it comes to health.

But one blessed day I learned about feminine and masculine energy. I learned about how women and men can live healthier and more fulfilled lives by using them both in equal proportions.

So, I created a method based on over 20 years of work experience in business, acting, also therapy, coaching, and profound life experiences which is changing women's lives. 

Welcome to the New Female Evolution!

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In this Conversation I will be explaining the feminine and masculine energy; how it affects us and how it can help us improve our relationships as a couple, family, work, and especially our relationship with ourselves. . But most of the time it will be to answer questions, clarify doubts, and give you the support you need. If you don't know much about the subject, this may be for you. If you already have knowledge on the subject, this is also for you. I assure you that there will be something you did not know, or something you did not understand, or something that will make you acquire a new level of consciousness. . You will also get tools that you can implement immediately to start making a change.

Have a Fabulous Day.

Remember It's Your Choice!

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