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Actress, TEDxSpeaker, Life Coach,
Creator of ACT Feminine
Los Angeles/New York

Life Explorer

Photography by Mariana Martinis

She is a

"Masculine and Feminine Energy is a Balance"

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ATI Awards New Yok

 2021 - 2022

Award for Acting & Special Recognition

Nana Ponceleon

My Mother’s Severed Head 

Bruce Willis and The Burgess Group (2021)

Premios Arte  2021 

New York

Best Actress

Nana Ponceleon

My Mother’s Severed Head 

Bruce Willis and The Burgess Group (2021)


“…the most vivid character in a cast of four wounded characters is the eponymous head (acted with fearless panache and humor by Nana Ponceleon)…”

“None of the other performances measure up to her vivid vocalizations and sense of loss,…” Posted on September 16, 2021 by Joel Benjamin in Off-BroadwayPlays

“Nana Ponceleon is simply a head...”, “...and I tell you the two women in this play stand out very, very, very, very well…”

By Peter Filichia in Broadway Radio 09/19/21.

He has been a theater critic for newspapers, television station and online theater publications and podcasts for decades. He is a playwriting, author of books like "Let's Put on a Musical!", "Broadway Musicals: the Biggest Hit and the Biggest Flop of the Season.", among others. He has appeared on television with Sally Jessy RaphaëlPhil Donahue, and on Saturday Night Live & has been on the panel of reviewers heard on the podcast "This Week on Broadway" produced and hosted by James Marino.

“My Mother’s Severed Head is one that should be seen, ... the mother - the wonderful Nana Ponceleon has fun with the role- …”

Sep 13, 2021- Theater, by Carole Di Tosti in

Theater Pizzazz. .

This is ME

Your story teller


Committed to the TRUTH



Before my life in the entertainment world, I got a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from Pace University in New York. After working in sales and marketing, where the most relevant job was at Microsoft for over 11 years, I decided to make a dramatic change in my career.

I dared to do what I loved, instead of what was expected of me. So, I moved to New York for the third time to study acting


Today I am a full-time actress. I have worked in over 36 films (short films, features, TV shows), many commercials and plays. 

I am a TEDxSpeaker. I am passionate about the human spirit and I have created a project called ACT FEMININE. My vision is to “Create a Movement Where Women and Men Collaborate, Cooperate, and Co-Create Their Shared World Together.” It uses acting as a wonderful tool to help women transform their lives. It will evolve in the future to incorporate men.

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