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Gabby Christensen

JUNE 19, 2018

Brugger directs movie ‘Roadkill’ in Boone County

Brugger, along with cast and crew, filmed in various places throughout the area last week, including Time Out Bar in Albion, Beaver Valley Road and Andrew Texley’s Farm.
Brugger said they also filmed on a road outside of her parent’s home and also at her grandparents’ farm.
“Road Kill” is about a road kill removal worker named Tillie who finds a friend in a woman named Wanda who found herself stranded on the side of the road after hitting a pheasant.
Tillie is played by Gamze Ceylan and Wanda is portrayed by Nana Ponceleon.
“I really relate to the character Tillie and feel like I’ve been surrounded by Wandas ,” Brugger said. “This is kind of a thank you to all of the ‘Wandas’ in my life.”

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