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WRCBtv Interview with Nana Ponceleon

JULY 30, 2020

Nana Ponceleon Includes Men in Her ‘Act Feminine’ Project
Nana Ponceleon is a Venezuelan-born full-time actress working in New York City. One of the movies which she acted in is La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour), which won many local and international awards.

According to Nana, both men and women have feminine and masculine energy; and they should use both energies in equal proportion in order to lower their stress, create better relationships, and live more fulfilled lives. She says the feminine energy is about connection, vulnerability, love, giving and receiving, wisdom, being open; in short, it is about living life as an experience. On the other hand, masculine energy is about conquering, hunting, solving problems, and achieving goals; in short, it is about living life from a results-oriented perspective. She explains this in greater detail in her ebook, where she also mentions that one energy is neither superior nor inferior to the other and that they are both needed for both men and women.

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